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Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation or Insomnia is considered one of the most deadly disorders of all that we can come across. Why I say is quite simple, as it creeps in your system giving little indication. Once you start realizing that you are a victim, it can be too late to react against it. Now, you might be curious on what are the symptoms of sleep deprivation, so that you can take immediate action. One thing, which you must know, is that it is one of the common disorders found in almost everyone today. There are million cases of the same in America itself. In case you are now having a feeling that you might be a case of sleep deprivation yourself, keep reading ahead for its symptoms.

  • One of the symptoms can be the development of an irritable nature in you. Whatever happening around can get you annoyed, even if it shouldn’t.
  • You would get exhausted almost all the time. Irrespective of the duration of the task in hand (however small it may be), you would feel exhausted or tired in minutes.
  • Your memory will start to weaken every moment. You would have some vague recollection of what happened. However, when anyone would ask you for the specific things that happened in the event, you will not be able to point them out.
  • There are few problems with the senses, which you are bound to come across, if you are a case of sleep deprivation. Firstly, your reaction time will decrease considerably. Secondly, you will have blurred vision, which will request you for a nap, almost all the time.
  • Your concentrating abilities would go down the drain. Irrespective of the task that you are carrying out, you would not be able to concentrate on the same. Physically, you would be doing the task, but mentally you would be in a world, which is completely disconnected from it. This is sure to have an impact on your overall performance at office or at home.

These are few of the many symptoms, which you would find in yourself, if you were a victim of sleep deprivation. As an immediate solution, you should opt for natural sleep remedies. They will help you to heal faster and with minimal side effects (if any).

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