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Sleep Deprivation Statistics

Owing to hectic schedule and stressful lifestyle, the majority of the individuals find it difficult to have sound sleep at night. If you are being deprived of sleep once in a while then there is nothing to worry. Such an occurrence can easily be solved by means of altering your bedroom setting and changing your sleep routines. But if the problem continues for a longer period, on a regular basis, then you need to take it seriously. Sleep deprivation, in actually a symptom, which can be triggered due to improper sleeping habits or owing to sleep disorders.

Individuals fail to get sound sleep owing to various reasons. The stress and pressure caused by the present way of life is considered to be the major cause for sleep deprivation. Apart from this the presence of excessive office work and relationship complexities as well as the longing to participate in nighttime activities also affects the normal sleep patterns of an individual. No matter what the reason maybe, sleep deprivation statistics reveal that if these symptoms are left untreated for long then it can develop into more severe health problems, which will have an effect on the condition of life.

Sleep is an important requirement, in everybody’s lives, irrespective of age. When you sleep, your body tends to utilize that time to restore and energize your brain and your entire body. If you fail to get adequate rest, then it will lead to improper functioning of body organs, which will in turn cause several health problems. For instance, sleep disorders often leads to early aging, cause chronic illnesses as well as damages immune system. At present, it has been found that there are almost seventy types of sleep disorders, which can lead to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is common among newborns, toddlers, teenagers and grown-ups.

Sleep deprivation statistics reveal that in most cases, sleeping disorders can be cured simply by making minor changes. Such changes consist of sticking to proper bedtime routines, setting up a relaxed and calm environment inside the bedroom, lessening the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco as well as sugary stuff and avoidance of watching TV or doing office work till late at night.

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