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Effects of Sleep Deprivation

All of us come across a certain period in our life, where we go to bet quite late and then have to get up early. Thinking about waking up early keeps you in a sleepless mode all night, till it is the time, when you have to break your sleep for carrying out your regular task. When you eventually wake up, you have a groggy feel and are not quite your own self. If this routine continues for a length of time, your entire system is bound to get affected. Effects of Sleep deprivation are many and can lead to serious consequences.

For a normal adult, it is recommended by all experts that they should have at least a sleep of 8 hours every night. This helps in giving proper rest to the body and helping it in carrying out certain important physical functions, such as digestion. So, what can happen, if you are unable to maintain this routine? What are the effects of sleep deprivation?

  • Abnormal Functioning of Brain; The brain will start to function abnormally for people affected with sleep deprivation. There have been a number of studies to prove this face. Experts following the tests have found out that people, following the general routine, are better in learning when compared to insomnia cases. Again, the performance of memorizing things also gets decreased for individuals, who are deprived of sleep for long.
  • Stress and Depression in Men and Women; Both men and women find it hard to give enough time to sleep, as they have to carry out their regular activities in the correct order. Normally, men have to bear the burden of the financial aspect of the household and even take important decisions. Again, women, who are working, can also face the same situation. However, in addition, they have to carry out a lot of household work, which keeps them up for longer period. Irrespective of the situation, once they start giving less importance to proper sleep, it is found that stress and depression creep in. And on the whole, their body performance also degrades to a considerable level.

Irrespective of your hectic schedule, you should give your system the rest it needs in the form of sleep. If you are not doing it, you are weakening it considerably. In case you feel that these affects are showing up on you, then it is better that you opt for any natural remedy to cure your situation. They should relieve you of this disorder with no side-effects whatsoever.

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